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District Hall

The Boston Innovation Center was the first project built for Boston Global Investors’ 23-acre waterfront development, Seaport Square. Located in the heart of Seaport Square, what has now become known as District Hall was the first freestanding city-sponsored innovation center of its kind in the country. The 12,000 SF facility provides space for promising companies and executives to meet and exchange ideas, and to host business and social events. It includes a restaurant that is open to the public; a flexible assembly space with a capacity of 250 seats; a gathering space with lounge seating and worktables; and several flex spaces called “pods,” meant to support a variety of uses including meetings, classes, and exhibitions. The building itself was designed by Hacin + Associates.

District Hall was a joint development between BGI, Morgan Stanley, The City of Boston, and the Cambridge Innovatipon Center. BGI’s responsibilities included Project Design, Permitting, Financing, General Contractor, & Marketing / Sales.