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Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial

In 2014, the honorable members of the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes approached BGI with a specific request: To assist in the creation, financing, and construction of a permanent public tribute honoring the brave servicemen and women who lost their lives serving our grateful Nation since September 11th, 2001. In the following months, on land donated by BGI and our Seaport Square Partners at Morgan Stanley and WS Development, we worked closely with the Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Organization to create the Mass Fallen Heroes Memorial.

Designed by artist Jamie Carpenter, the five-sided reflective-steel obelisk looms 50-feet above a tranquil pool. At ground-level, the obelisk is surrounded by glass panels inscribed with the names of 272 fallen heroes. Signifying the branches of service, the five-sides of the obelisk refract the waterfront’s everchanging light and illuminate the night sky. The surrounding greenspace, now known as Seaport Square Park, was curated by landscape architect Reed Hilderbrand.

 The Massachusetts Fallen Heroes Memorial was completed in 2015 and officially dedicated on May 26, 2016.

BGI’s responsibilities included Master planning, contract negotiation, budgeting & underwriting, capital formation, design & construction management, and marketing.